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LifeGuard Ministries is a private, faith-based, Christian support ministry for individuals impacted by same-sex attractions.  Our beliefs are taught in the Bible and found in our Statement of Faith.  Our purpose is to walk with ministry participants as we all learn to follow Jesus and His teachings.  We do not attempt to alter anyone's sexual attraction, nor do we promise that this will take place.  We are not professional counselors, however, we encourage group participants to seek professionals if needed.


LifeGuard Ministries exists to minister the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to all impacted by same-sex attractions.  

Our mission is to provide support, education, and faith-based peer mentoring to people affected by same-sex attractions:  men, women, youth, parents, spouses, friends, family and the church at large.  In part we do so by encouraging, educating and equipping the body of Christ to love those with same-sex attractions.  While we believe that every person is of sacred worth, we believe that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.

LifeGuard Ministries takes a clear stance on advocating the love of Christ to those impacted by same-sex attactions.  We support the Biblical teaching that acting out on same sex attractions is not consistent with God's loving plan, but there is always mercy and grace available for each of us.

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